Coral Springs, a city directed towards building a happy, healthy, and sustainable community, can serve as an inspiration when aiming to enhance the look and value of your home.

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The City of Coral Springs in Florida - A Planned Community

Envisioned to be a premier community where residents can happily and peacefully live, work, and raise a family, the City of Coral Springs is a small paradise within Utopian Florida. It is the place to be for anyone who wishes to enjoy the benefits of both an innovative and high-performing city, and the comforting warmth and sense-of-community of a small town.

What makes Coral Springs so unique is that it is a planned community, built from the ground up over 50 years ago by Fort Lauderdale builders James S. Hunt and Joe Taravella of Coral Ridge Properties. The land where the city now thrives was once a mere green bean farm and a cattle field. It was then transformed and designed to be a city with homes with ample lots and public buildings in a brick colonial style. Innovation and modernity came into the picture in 1966 when Westinghouse bought Coral Ridge Properties. With this agreement, the residents started to enjoy top-of-the-line appliances with cutting-edge features.

Until this time, the city remains to implement strict building codes to maintain its distinctive aesthetic appeal. Landscaping laws are also strict as the city takes stewardship and conservation of natural resources seriously. This way, residents and visitors can enjoy their leisure time relaxing and exploring its over 50 municipal parks and four natural conservation areas.

Things to Do in Coral Springs, Florida

Residents and visitors of all ages enjoy an active, healthy, and enriched lifestyle. The city provides avenues for leisure, cultural, recreational, and sporting activities and events.

People who live for adventure can enjoy the wilderness at Tall Cypress Natural Area and get up-close and personal with a variety of rescued and wild animals at Sawgrass Nature Center and Wildlife Hospital. These spots provide residents and visitors the unique opportunity to have picnics and hold events there too.

Summers in Coral Springs can get really hot. Thankfully, to beat the heat and to cater to those who prefer doing more dynamic activities, take a dip at the Coral Springs Cypress Park and Pool or play at the Monster Mini Golf.

If sweat-breaking activities are what energize you, you can take your pick of a variety of indoor and outdoor activities at The Sportsplex. In this place, which locals call The Center, people can swim, dive, play soccer, baseball, softball, or volleyball. Kids can also enjoy its playground and splash pad. Those with pets can hang out at a picnic area and a dog park.

Those who would rather be entertained can enjoy musical and theatrical performances at the Coral Springs Center for the Arts or take walking tours. Others can go shopping for a range of Italian meats and cheeses, local farm produce, and freshly-caught fish and seafood at Doris Italian Markets.

Bring facets of the city to your home through General Contractor Coral Springs.

With so much offer, spending a day or two exploring Coral Springs can leave you hanging. Avoid missing the times you were unwinding at Cypress Park or getting entertained at The Center. You do not have to miss indulging in Mediterranean-style dishes from Falafel Bistro and Wine Bar. Our professional contracting services can help you bring facets of the city to your home through a home improvement project.

We can help you remodel your outdoor living areas and make them look like your version of your favorite Coral Springs retreat. To create more space for more entertaining and fun movie nights, we can change the layout of your living areas. Renovate a guest room and transform it into your family’s game and arcade area. Update your kitchen and bathroom by taking inspiration from your favorite restaurant and aquatic centers. General Contractor Coral Springs can make all of these possible.

As mentioned earlier, the city government implements strict building codes and landscaping laws. To navigate them, you need the sound and professional assistance of contractors who know these codes and regulations by heart. We provide that and more. Working with us bonafide locals of Coral Springs provides you with the assurance that the results of your home improvement project reflect aspects of the city.

Recreate city-resto-inspired dishes through Kitchen Remodeling Coral Springs FL.

No matter the size of your kitchen, Kitchen Remodeling Coral Springs can provide you solutions that can make your space a comfortable and efficient area. Not forgetting to add features that show the vibrancy of the City of Coral Springs, we can redesign your space and create you a bar or a breakfast nook. You can have new kitchen equipment and tools. You can recreate and serve flavorful and healthy city-favorites at home through our services without compromising the outdoor or restaurant-dining experience.

Enroll in our Kitchen Layout Design, Kitchen Cabinet Design with Installation, Lighting Repair or Installation, Countertop Repair or Installation, Sink Repair or Replacement, Flooring Installation, Kitchen Equipment Repair or Procurement, and Painting services. You can also avail of everything through our Full Kitchen Remodel Service.

Relish in the retreat-like tranquility in your bathroom through Bathroom Remodeling Coral Springs.

In times when you cannot take a stroll or relax in your favorite spot in Coral Springs, you can have your bathroom transformed to be your next best place for relaxation. Make upgrades by having your bathroom layout changed. This way, you can have more space for seating where you can lounge in and drink a warm cup of tea or a cold glass of beer. Change your flooring or install heated bathroom flooring to replicate the warmth of the earth. Place an overhead rain shower head to stimulate bathing under the rain. You can also add potted plants and greenery or apply a wood stain finish on your cabinets for a natural look. All of these can be done professionally for you through Bathroom Remodeling Coral Springs.

Enroll in our Bathroom Layout Design, Tub Replacement, Tub-to-Shower Conversion, Bathroom Vanity Design and Installation, Lighting Repair and Installation, Vent Installation, Countertop Repair or Installation, Sink Repair or Replacement, Flooring Installation, Bathroom Accessories Procurement, and Painting services. You can also avail of everything through our Full Bathroom Remodel Service. A 1-day Tub-to-Shower Conversion is also available.

Enjoy the features of Coral Springs while at home.

Like the planned community, the City of Coral Springs, you can design and build a home you and your family can live and love for as long as you wish. We are more than happy to be a part of your journey to building a home inspired by Coral Springs, Florida, and your unique vision. To begin this one-of-a-kind home improvement project with us, contact us. Our number is provided on this page.



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