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Looking for a new environment at home is a completely normal experience for a homeowner to have. Having to look at and to be in the same environment every single day makes a person feel bored. If you are feeling this way, perhaps a remodeling project can make you feel better and have a fresh start at your home.

Kitchen Remodel Fort Lauderdale specializes in redesigning as well as repairs and installation of the essential things in the kitchen. From kitchen equipment to lighting and cabinets, we got them all covered. With our experienced staff and a very organized process, remodeling kitchens are more easy, quick, and convenient. We also make sure that our clients are involved in the process and are kept in the know of what is happening in the project. Our aim is to give our clients the satisfaction of having a newly revamped kitchen that would make them feel at home with a better environment.

If you are looking for people who can help you with your remodeling project, Kitchen Remodel Fort Lauderdale is the best choice!


4 Helpful Tips for Kitchen Lighting

When designing your kitchen, it is vital to give importance to your kitchen lighting as it affects your kitchen’s appearance and function. It also boosts your property sale value and can attract more potential buyers in case you plan to put your home on sale. Fortunately, there are a lot of different types of lighting, which allows you to have more choices and ideas to make your kitchen lighting Fort Lauderdale amazing and unique.

Experts in kitchen lighting Fort Lauderdale made a list of kitchen lighting tips to help you plan the best kitchen lighting that will be perfect for your space.

Lights Under Your Cabinets

The placement of lights is crucial in planning your kitchen lighting. One of the best ideas in kitchen light is under-cabinet lighting as it provides task lighting and soft ambient light to deliver a warm glow with the touch of a dimmer switch to the room. You may use strip lights or a puck light system for your under-cabinet lighting.

Control Your Kitchen Lighting

Experts recommend having a flexible lighting control system instead of having a simple on/off switch. A flexible lighting control system allows you to control your light separately so you can create various moods at the flick of a switch. You may try wall lights and washers to create mood lighting in relaxing areas and add a subtle background light. If you have high ceilings, you may install up-lighters on top of the kitchen cabinets to improve the general light of your kitchen, and it will lessen the number of downlights you will need.

Kitchen Lighting Fort Lauderdale FL

Add Accent Lighting

The placement of accent lighting is crucial to emphasize your favorite elements. Some of the common accent lights are:

  • Recessed

    Recessed lighting can go anywhere; however, it is more important when you want to light up areas of visual interest, such as glass cabinets and open shelves.

  • Over Cabinet

    Over cabinet lights add a dramatic touch to your kitchen when placed between the cabinet and ceiling. It can provide lights to accent decor and architecture.

  • Toe Kick Lights

    Toe lighting is made by rope lights or LED tape and ideal to help distinguish kitchens and light a pathway.

Kitchen Lighting Fort Lauderdale FL

Perfect your Plan with Overhead Pendant Lights

You can set apart the dining space from the kitchen’s work areas by installing a series of beautiful lights above a dining table. You may choose various styles, such as old school, on-trend copper, industrial shapes in shiny, or striking ceramics in translucent hues. To add a feeling of intimacy, hang pendant lights low over the table or place them high over kitchen islands. This will provide a great source of light and adds interest to your kitchen space.

These are just some of the kitchen lighting Fort Lauderdale ideas that experts use to create a unique and striking kitchen. For more kitchen lighting ideas, you may contact our experts, and they are always ready to help you.



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  • Kitchen Remodel Fort Lauderdale FL
  • Kitchen Remodel Fort Lauderdale FL
  • Kitchen Remodel Fort Lauderdale FL
  • Kitchen Remodel Fort Lauderdale FL

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